The Unusual guy.

By everything I do and love, the way I live and work is more then usual. Most of time I spent on computer, of course, but when I grab some free time I love to enjoy good food, nice trips and my family.

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Currently – full stack developer with more than 10 years of experience. Started like the old school ones, with C and then continued learning the basics of Android system and Android code. Didn't fit in that mess, so switched to the basics - WEB. HTML and CSS are always starters, after that JavaScript and jQuery, but for the back-end part, between C# and PHP gone with PHP. Life is not always "one single path", so there is more and more to learn. Switched to React Native, from 2019 and enjoying every part of it, with the support of JavaScript. Behind the scene, I love the security and bugs.




React Native


I think that's the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself.

Elon Musk
CEO, and lead designer of SpaceX

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Custom web applications are mostly based on template design and fully developed back-end side using PHP. Over usual workarounds, developing APIs in PHP for custom features and also maintaining the best user-friendly experience by pulling data from the background (AJAX). For advanced features using libraries (images processing, PDF processing and showing as images, EXCEL exports to databases of applications...)

Inside every project there is database management, a content management system (CMS), a user-friendly interface so every feature runs smoothly and with 99.99% covering mistakes and possible errors. In addition, using modern libraries for better experience and Bootstrap as most used design framework. Also, there is the option to optimize performance only with server side processing of data.

Based on React Native (Android and iOS) applications are developed in a way that includes the possibility to upgrade applications later. When it is about design, there is the option to use native code to implement features if it is not already implemented by the React Native community. For design, there is the option to use Figma projects as guidelines.

The back-end implies that it has API (s) so that the application can communicate with the server / database. In this case, it is only possible to create a mobile application for existing web pages (web stores, data management systems, custom admin-client applications, etc.) in PHP / Node.js.

Whenever there is need for some automation or information scraping for sites, there is an option of "scripting". Scripts are custom-made features that will do automation of processes for applications, and it can include data sorting, pulling data from servers, making statistical diagrams and fetching data from other sites (residential buildings ads, car ads, weather info...)

All scripts are made in PHP or JavaScript languages, depending on needs. Sometimes it is needed to combine these two and act like a human on pages that need to be loaded and some buttons clicked. When doing processes like this, there can be a problem with "Are you human" stuff and puzzles that are made to prevent acts like this. (Never give up fixing it)

Security is everything that is needed to protect unwanted acts from another side of the software. By this that can be hacking software, humans act to steal information/s and do damage to software. Besides that, pentesting is always a good choice if you want to prevent any possible problem that can happen. Security things can include forensics of devices / software and investigating what happened to them.

The first step, if it is about a web application, then data will be backed up for safety reasons, and then the next step will be searching for bugs or viruses. In other cases, there is the option to pen test web application and physical devices with Kali operation system. With 5+ years of networking experience, systems that include alarms and security cameras can be pen-tested and adjusted to be as safe as they can be. Prevention is always a priority.

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With special qualities as never giving up from something I work on, somehow I am always sure that I will fix everything up.


If you have endured reading so far, you are privileged to know that I adore good food and also I love to make it!


Somehow I ended up in 20+ commercials and I did a lot of shootings. (Please wait little a bit till i become fit again)


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